General Info

Short on time? Try Intro to LOGICMOO, or take our Youtube channel to go.  

Join us on Discord (#LOGICMOO-IRC)

If you'd like to support us with funding we've got a few ways to do that, if you're having trouble sending money you can also contact us and we'd be happy to get it sorted. Thank you!

News and Introductions for Investors and Technologists 

Developer Info

- News and Introductions for Developers

If you're interested in working with us as a developer you'll want to Learn Prolog, if you haven't already, but if you want to really understand the larger how and why of every detail you will need both a Logic and Programming skillset - LOGICMOO implements a paraconsistent open world defeasible modal temporal epistemological deontic logic. We have started to compile a Developer Study Guide to get you started.


-  For Everyone that may be interested in a psychological overview for LOGICMOO. One aspect unique to the field of Artificial Intelligence is that we use a multi-mind theory as a basis for some parts of our project. We are trying to model the psychology of the consciousness since modeling neurons (like in NN's) seems to be limited by the science's current understanding of them.

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