Installed extension packs

The following extension packages are installed in the this Prolog system. Other packages can be found at the SWI-Prolog website

aleph5Aleph Inductive Logic Prorgramming system
arouter1.1.1Alternative HTTP path router
assertions0.0.1Assertion Reader for SWI-Prolog
auc1.0Library for computing Areas Under the Receiving Operating Charactersitics and Precision Recall curves
blog_core1.1.1Blog/CMS framework
clause_attvars1.1.118An alternate interface to the clause database to allow attributed variables to be asserted
cplint3.1.0A suite of programs for reasoning with probabilistic logic programs
cplint_r1.0.0R plotting predicates for cplint
dict_schema0.0.2Dict converter and validator
dictoo1.1.118Dict-like OO Syntax
docstore2.0.1Document-oriented database for Prolog
each_call_cleanup1.1.118Each Call Redo Setup and Cleanup
eggdrop1.1.118Hook up to an existing IRC Client called an Eggdrop
ffi0.1Dynamically call C functions
file_scope1.1.118File local scoped efects
func0.4.2Function application and composition
function_expansion0.1.2Help for writing function-like macros
gvar_syntax1.1.118Global Variable Syntax
hdt0.1Access RDF HDT files
hook_hybrid1.1.118Hook assert retract call of *specific* predicates
instant_prolog_docs1.1.118Magically document prolog source files based on predicate and variable naming conventions
lambda1.0.0Lambda expressions
lbfgs1.0An interface to call libLBFGS from within SWI-Prolog
lib_atts1.1.118Common interface like
list_util0.12.0Predicates for working with lists
logicmoo_base1.1.118LogicMOO - Extends Prolog Programming to support Dynamic Epistemic Logic (DEL) with Constraints
logicmoo_experimental1.1.118Various experimental packages - warning: HUGE amount of test data
logicmoo_nlu1.1.114Various English to Logic Convertors - warning: HUGE amount of test data
logicmoo_packages1.1.118Various packages - warning: HUGE amount of test data
logicmoo_planner1.1.118Various PDDLish planners - warning: HUGE amount of test data
logicmoo_planners1.1.118Various Hybrid HTN Planners speaking PDDLish and OCLh
logicmoo_utils1.1.118Common predicates used by external Logicmoo Utils and Base
logtalk3.14.0Logtalk - Object-Oriented Logic Programming Language
loop_check1.1.118New simple loop checking
markdown0.0.2Markdown parser for SWI-Prolog
matrix1.0Operations with matrices
mpi1.0Porting of the LAMMPI library of Yap Prolog to SWI-Prolog
multimodal_dcg1.1.118Reduce floundering of DCGs by constraining and narrowing search
multivar1.1.118User defined datatypes
must_trace1.1.118Trace with your eyeballs instead of your fingers
no_repeats1.1.118New ways to avoid duplicate solutions
pcache0.1.0Persistent answer cache
pfc1.1.118Pfc -- a package for forward chaining in Prolog
predicate_streams1.1.118Implement your own Abstract Predicate Streams
profile0.1.0Manage user profiles
prologmud1.1.118Online text adventure game - MUD Server
prologmud_samples1.1.118Online text adventure game - Sample
real2.0Integrative statistics with R
rocksdb0.7.0SWI-Prolog interface to RocksDB
rserve_client1.1.0R Rserve client
rtchecks0.0.1Run-Time Checker for Assertions
s_expression1.1.118Utilities for Handling of S-Expression Lisp/Scheme-Like forms and parsing of KIF, GDL, PDDL, CLIF
simple_template1.2.0Logic-free text (HTML) templates
slack_prolog1.1.118Prolog interface to Slack
sldnfdraw1.6SLDNF Draw is a Prolog program that draws SLDNF Trees in LaTeX
smtp1.0.0An (E)SMTP client for sending mail
sort_dict0.0.3Sorts dicts by key
subclause_expansion1.1.118More use specific versions of term/goal expansion hooks
tabling_dra1.1.118SWI-Prolog interface to Table-handling procedures for the "dra" interpreter. Written by Feliks Kluzniak at UTD (March 2009)
trill5.0.0A tableau probabilistic reasoner in three different versions
wam_common_lisp1.1.118ANSI Common Lisp implemented in Prolog
with_open_options1.1.118Utilities to open various objects for read/write
with_thread_local1.1.118Call a Goal with local assertions
wordnet0.9.1Access to WordNet database
xlibrary0.0.2Extended Libraries for Prolog
xlisting1.1.118Selective Interactive Non-Deterministic Tracing
xlisting_web1.1.118Manipulate and browse prolog runtime over www
xtools0.0.2Extended Tools for SWI-Prolog