Assertion Reader for SWI-Prolog


To install the assertion reader, just follow the next sequence of commands in your SWI-Prolog shell:

$ swipl

?- pack_install(''). true.

Based on the assertion reader of Ciao Prolog

Prolog files

examples/assrt_example.plShow source
pack.plShow source
prolog/assertions.plShow source
prolog/assertions_op.plShow source
prolog/assrt_comment.plShow source
prolog/assrt_interface.plShow source
prolog/  -- Assertion reader for SWI-PrologShow source
asr_aprop/4Extensible accessor to assertion properties, ideal to have different views of assertions, to extend the assertions or to create ancillary assertions (see module for an example).Source
asr_head/2Extract the Head for a given assertion identifier.Source
assertion_records/4Process a Declaration as an assertion.Source
assrt_status/1The status of an assertion.Source
assrt_type/1The type of assertion.Source
prolog/foreign/foreign_generator.plShow source
prolog/foreign/foreign_interface.plShow source
prolog/foreign/foreign_props.plShow source
prolog/  -- Global PropertiesShow source
equiv/2Goal1 is equivalent to Goal2.Source
prolog/  -- Properties of library predicatesShow source
prolog/metaprops.plShow source
prolog/plprops.plShow source
prolog/send_check.plShow source
prolog/typeprops.plShow source
atm/1An atom.Source
atmel/1An atom or an empty list.Source
flt/1Floating point numbers.Source
nnegint/1The type of non negative integers, i.e., natural numbers (including zero).Source
predname/1A predicate indicator.Source
str/1A string.Source
tests/foreign/foreign_test_i.plShow source