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We are offering transparency like no one else by designing a system for human-like Artificial Inteligence from the ground up.


Our goal is to get AGI into the hands of as many people as possible, we are aiming to create a system the average user can use without Any training.


Our project is unlike any other in development. More than 35 years in the artificial intelligence industry inform our design decisions.

AGI Learning

Our groundbreaking work can be fully funded for the same cost as training a handful a of neural networks.

LPS Timeline

LPS Timeline

on Github
45 person work years

3 year timeline,

for 10 experts

We are looking for funding to make this happen!
Fund AGI
Fund the future with trust, accessibility, intuitive design and environmental responsibility

If you're on this list we really want to talk to you!

Discursive Logic focused otologists, Schankian logicians, PDDL/Event Calc Experts Argumentative Logic Programmers, Programmers familiar with Schank's SAM/PAM/SWALE. Event Calculus Programmers (Prolog and/or LISP required, C/C++ is a plus.)

Task learning
Task learning from narrative examples

English Dialog Planning
English Dialog Planning with PDDL and Discrete Event Calculus

Cognitive Architecture

A New Cognitive Architecture





Knowledge Sharing in a Simulated Environment


We have devised a cognitive architecture that is unlike any other AGI Project out there. We think we can change the future of everyday technology in 3 years with suitable funding.

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THE TEAM- Coming Soon!

3 years
until release
10 experts
full time
6 million+
dollars worth of work
1 New Future


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Washington State, US

US Phone: +360 989-8686

Email: business@logicmoo.org