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How is Logicmoo different from other embodiment theories?

They assume by solving common everyday problems of the type that humans solve, the "hidden features" of the mind, such as consciousness, will emerge.

The problem is though that all evidence has shown that even when real world solutions are found it still does not expose solutions to the problem of creating consciousness. 

Instead, Logicmoo starts with a particular theory of consciousness (see Intro to Narrative AI - Part 1) and then puts that consciousness to solving problems.  It was surprising when it still solved them.  It seems to work even while having typical problems with optics.

On top of those pros there are some amazing other pros:

        It reuses the MUD code to operate the imagination space.

        It still works the same as when removed from the MUD - it has a functionally complete imaginary memory palace (We humans, like my Logicmoo AI Bot, have exactly that A-Priori)

I wish I could say I knew of someone who has thought of the above  so that they may guide me forward.

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