Some example descriptions of what you might be doing

General requirements we are looking for would be that people would have the skills to do at least 6 out of 8 in prolog.

  • Can code a text adventure game in a few days.
  • You can write a rudimentary clause database browser in something like SWI-Prolog’s http library in a weeks time.
  • Already know what steps you’d do to write a fictional story generator.
  • You have used DCG at least once for things unrelated to parsing.
  • Have basic understanding of how ALEPH, CHAT80, PTTP or STRIPS works or can look at code of one of them, without comments and describe what it is doing.
  • Can explain what forward chaining is and ways it can be implemented in prolog.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux environments including shell scripting and standard Linux command line tools.
  • Experience with distributed version control such as Git.

We hope you have

  • AI background or interest in Interactive Fiction authoring
  • The ability to operate on a complex software system with very little documentation

LOGICMOO will be starting (sub)contractors at:

$75 USD/hr with $5 raise every 160 hours until a negotiable cap of $135hr is reached

0.5% per year vestiture (every 160 hours you become 0.041667% vested) 

Software Design Engineer (SDE3)  Seat 1 & 2 & 3 & 4


  • Prolog Programming
  • Text adventure programing
  • Extend our text adventure programing into 3D Forward chaining of that state
  • Remote work - We Zoom two times a day for 10-20min each to discuss goals, progress and blockers
  • Create conversational ways of seeing what the system does and doesn’t know about the game world
  • Updating and/or replacing our Forward Chaining Engine
  • Textual Inference about In-Game objects
  • Rewrite or bugfix our Situation Calculus system to use the forward chainer
  • Rewrite or bugfix our Event Calculus Inducer/Abducer/Planner
  • Blend Chart parsing with HPSG parsing rules


  • Either software productization experience or else a sense of humor
  • Familiarity with one of more of these technologies:
    • CycL, KIF, KQML, FIPA, OOA, HORN-E, ActionSpeak, OWL, RDF, ROS 

Additional skills would be familiarity with other inference engines, higher order logic, databases, machine learning, natural language processing, probability and probabilistic reasoning, semantic web technologies.
and other programing languages.

REQUIRED/FULL TIME  Software Design Engineer (SDE3)  Seat 5
*  Lisp or Scheme AND Prolog Programmer 

  • Porting of
    •  DAYDREAMER to Prolog
    • + more
  • Completion of code for WAM-COMMON-LISP

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If you are interested send resume or CV to


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