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NomicMU and LM489 are the made up of a procedural reasoning system that use this dependency chart

  • Logicmoo AGI  - Artificial General Intelligence Libraries for Prolog
    • NomicMU - Sample PrologMUD text adventure game
  • Logicmoo Base -  Base Libraries that extend Prolog to support Dynamic Epistemic Logic (DEL) with Constraints
    • PFC - Prolog Forward Chaining
    • Eggdrop - Hook up to an existing IRC Client called an Eggdrop
  • Logicmoo CG - Conceptual Graph Libraries for Prolog with test data
  • Logicmoo EC - The Event Calculus Libraries for planners speaking: PDDL, OCLh, LPS, and Decreasoner EventCalc
    • LPS - EventCalc Reasoner
    • PDDL2LPS - PDDL to LPS converter
    • HyHTN - somewhat broken
  • Logicmoo NARS - Like OpenNARS, but in Libraries that extend Prolog to support Narseese
  • Logicmoo NLU - Natural Language Understanding Libraries Various English to Logic Converters
    • E2C - English to CommonLogic
  • Logicmoo PLData - HUGE amount of lexical and test data (Logicmoo PLData)
  • Logicmoo Utils - Utility Libraries that are commonly shared throughout LOGICMOO Software
    •   Clause expansion Utils for deciding which order to run Goals in a body
    •   Dict-like OO Syntax
    •   Global Variable Syntax
    •   Magically document prolog source files based on predicate and variable naming conventions
      •   C2E - CommonLogic to English
    •   Reduce floundering of DCGs by constraining and narrowing search
    •   Implement your own Abstract Predicate Streams






LogicMOOProject implements a paraconsistent openworld defeasible modal temporal epistemological deontic logic. Use of your funds ​:

This groundbreaking work requires a team of 8-12 highly specialized/qualified experts from multiple specialized fields(including cognitive psychology, discursive logic ai, user-interface. etc) working full time. Logicmoo uses your money to support this work being done in Open Source!

LogicMOOProject contains the following projects (nonexhaustive):

LogicMOOProject contains the following SWIPL packs (nonexhaustive):

LogicMOOProject may use the following external projects (nonexhaustive):

LogicMOOProject integrates these existing AI systems (nonexhaustive):

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  • Potential Projects:
  • Be great for instance we had an expert at using JNIL,
  • or someone that can port ugly AllegroCL to SBCL code,
  • or someone to take the STELLA-to-CommonLisp and convert it to CycLisp-to-CommonLisp,
  • or someone to port nice old demos to using CYC's blackboard instead get/set-props,
  • or someone to finish my CLOS<->BlackboardedCLOS,
  • BlackboardedCLOS uses a prolog-like backend.
  • Desiderata
  • Need a Lisp, a Java, a Prolog developer at least.
  • Someone understands Cyc and Schank better.
  • Email Schank saying we are implementing his SPGU-T, ask if he's interested.
  • Should invite Kino as well.
  • What we have
  • Actually two, maybe three other people in #logicmoo do know CYC very very well.



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