Logicmoo is a project that is intended to create AGI

In the very simplest description there is a virtual game world for the bot LM489 and the player to interact. (Almost all other AGI theories don't include an inner and outer world in their systems - and so already can't fully model the human experience of living in private mind/body within a larger world!) The real work of the system happens within the LM489 bot, just as the real work of being a thinking human happens inside of our minds.

(But also Logicmoo software consists of several non-AGI modules, merely AI, at various levels of completion)

  • A simple dynamic MUD (generated from common sense rules) that lets a user roam around and manipulate objects 
  • A module that does Q&A about some structured data in and outside of the MUD
  • A module that converts the physical layers of the MUD into a non-Worldlike set of structured data.
  • NPCs that use praxis rules and behaviour trees
  • Module that reads existing Prolog code and documents it in English
  • A Chatbot that will Dungeon Master for your D&D group

What are the most basic parts of the LOGICMOO system? 

How is LOGICMOO different from other theories?

 Other theories of AGI assume by solving common everyday problems of the type that humans solve, the "hidden features" of the mind, such as consciousness, will emerge. That by combining answers to small problems the answer to the larger problem of consciousness and human-like intelligence will be solved.    Despite four billion dollars spent per year on this bet, there is only evidence of this not being true!   

Instead, LOGICMOO starts with a particular theory of conscious awareness

What are the theoretical basis from which logicmoo draws?

Our approach to understanding uses collaborative argumentation between multiple consciousnesses 

What problems does logicmoo solve?

The main problems that most AI/AGI has is the “real word” scaling problem 

Why do we even want AGI? 

Why are you looking for funding?

This groundbreaking architecture would require a team of 8-12 highly specialized/qualified experts from multiple specialized fields(including cognitive psychology, discursive logic ai, user-interface. etc) at normal salaries of 120-300k per year working full time.  With the purchase of equipment, office space, upgrades, and outside consulting as necessary, it should make the project yearly budget just under 4MM per year.   This brings the 5 year total up to 20MM.

How else can I support LOGICMOO?


→ timeline, expense, expertise (TODO)

 →What deals are you willing to accept for full funding? (TODO)

→ mention patent pending and retention of proprietary knowledge

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