• What system could we load into  Q2_PREFORMING's answer to give it the ability to perform Q1_LEARNING?

(What data structures could we load in that will give it the ability to generate the additional data structures that made it capable of carrying out a task
    - thus effectively answering how learning can be mechanized)

Kittens, even with no adult cats present, such as bottle fed kittens, already know how to play various games
and are knowledgeable in the rules and know how to switch off between sides:.

  • Keep-away/Guarding an object

  • Hide-n-seek (chase and predation games)

  • King-of-the-mountain (territory contest games) 

  • Follow-the-leader (watch each other to make sure they each tried all the same risky paths)

No environmental factors, or feline body design, would account for the complicated behaviors. After all, with the complications of the mind, the feline body evolution would be contain more of the resulting adaptation to having such behaviours rather than the behavior conforming to the specifics of the body.

Whatever the cause was, these built in behaviours still have to run on a cognitive platform.  It would seem very plausible for these games to be done by a narrative [en]coding.  To date, no one has posed a viable alternative.   

These are complicated behaviors requiring a decision tree.  Most people believe the decisions can be made by a neural net, and they are correct,  but they miss that the encoding of the decision tree itself is already too impossibly hard to encode [from a neural net].

Scientists that understand this limit of neural nets [in encoding the tree] believe that the tree is likely already encoded from the animal's body. This validates that the neural nets cannot be used as a cognitive platform. 

It is likely that whatever behaviours kittens later learn, from watching others, it will be encoded in the same way as what they were born knowing was also encoded.  It would be unrealistic and inefficient for the brain to have evolved different encodings between the learned and the innate.  

Encoded from birth in a narrative model

Here are some things we can imagine are likely encoded from birth in a narrative model of cognition. These narrative building blocks would make up many basic stories through recombination. These would be composed from concepts found in the semantic primes, others are extracted from common childhood developmental milestones(including early childhood understandings of physics).) This list is a combined work and will likely include many redundancies. We are absolutely looking to expand on these concepts.

The Bootstrap narratives are sequegens, the semantic primes are logogens

We have arranged these narrative scripts grouped partially by possible narrative outcomes and the essential narrative concepts that would need to exist. 

For example the "ExpressionOfNeed" Script could be a story of Searching, Asking, BeingToldYes, and GivingAndReceiving.

The final Sequengen GivingAndReceiving could be built as a logical result of the others, and so may not be necessary (except perhaps to reinforce the potential for this positive outcome)

Stories you’d need for your basic life/social functions:

A story of being uncertain and taking action to gain information:

Searching/Questioning/Needing + Finding/Answers/Not Needing

Stories of Bonding + Stories of Confrontation + Stories of Rejection

Stories of Learning  and or categorizing things. 

Stories of Danger /Stories of Loss / Stories of Success

TRADING  or GivingAndReceiving

Logical concepts

Not, maybe, can, because, if

Other components:  There’s a ton of these narratives we have planned to build in, here’s a teaser:

The idea that sequences can be correct or not correct (a story where The Order Matters and a story where it doesn’t matter.)

A story where one of two things will work, or not. (This makes up the basis for the logical And’s/Or’s) 

Other’s knowledge/Secret knowledgehelp the idea of other sentient agents

**the idea of being Uncertain**


* numbers?* 

Better/Worse good-bad?

EnjoyingSomething/ NotEnjoyingSomething


Enough + More = big /a lot

Enough + not +More = small / few

OWNERSHIP: Asking, BeingToldNo, (NotEnjoyingSomething?)

OWNERSHIP / MINE: BeingAsked, SayingNo,  (EnjoyingSomething?)

USE/Useful = Tool

Mine/OWNERSHIP +EnjoyingSomething + USE =  my favorite tool  

Mine/OWNERSHIP + You =  Slave

EnjoyingSomething + You =  Friend

Mine/OWNERSHIP + worse =  Damaged? Shame?

True/ False

ToSignal + False/Not = Lie

ToSignal = Tell/Express

Need + ToSignal = ExpressionOfNeed

Desire + ToSignal = ExpressionOfDesire or Ask

ToSignal + AssessmentOfSafety = warning/caution

ExpressionOfNeed:  Searching + Asking + BeingToldYes =  GivingAndReceiving


BuildingATriangle(ChildDevelopmentTriangle):  PointingOutObjectThruPointing + IntroducingAConversationalObject

IntroducingAConversationalObject + AssessmentOfSafety + BeingToldNo = DangerousThings

AssessmentOfSafety Scripts:   BeingWithOthers,  BeingChased, BeingLessFitThanPeers AssessmentOfSkills:  Curiosity,

AssessmentOfSkills + EnjoyingSomething = Playing

AssessmentOfSkills + NotEnjoyingSomething = (Work?)

SayingNo + BeingToldNo  = Confrontation

StayAwayFromMe = Touch + SayingNo

Confrontation + StayAwayFromMe = DangerousAction

AssessmentOfSkills + Confrontation = ShowOfValue/Strength


Physics:  SelfAsAMovingObject, FallingThings, ObjectsMovingTogether, MovingArroundObjects, FarAwayVsNear,  PassingThruObjects, 

Touching, PartOf,  AboveBelow,  BehindInFrontOf.   




OntologizingThings: Fittedness, Usefulness, Tools

DangerousThings  (such as a mobile that has predator curling above their head that makes them quiet)  

Many communication scripts such as SexualDesire, MaternalProtection, ect.  that will be used through-out the lifecycle but have no real place until systems are developed enough to make use of them, at which point a chemical cascade will signal the beginning of such a script?

Moving to DRAMA elements here: Maybe Risk/Reward, Conquest?

“Two people argue without speaking.” 

Rejection + No + Confrontation?

Confrontation + ToSignal + Other + Bonding + Tosignal + Confrontation?  

Two kids sneak out of their cabin at camp - AssessmentOf Skills + Enjoyment (+ Secret) = Bonding 

Accidentally kicking someone- Accidental confrontation? Intentional and unintentional?







I, you, someone, people, something/thing, body

Relational substantives

Kind, part


This, the same, other~else~another


One, two, some, all, much/many, little/few


Good, bad


Big, small

Mental predicates

Think, know, want, don't want, feel, see, hear


Say, words, true

Actions, events, movement

Do, happen, move

Existence, possession

Be (somewhere), there is, be (someone/something), (is) mine

Life and death ????

Live, die


When/time, now, before, after, a long time, a short time, for some time, moment


Where/place, here, above, below, far, near, side, inside, touch (contact)

Logical concepts

Not, maybe, can, because, if

Intensifier, augmentor

Very, more




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