Our explanation Video   (Instincts may be preloaded memories)

Say we accept this narrator of this video to be correct:

https://youtu.be/9Td-S0fTIGY?t=538    (bird without Narrator  / Tool-Making Crow)

that The bird has never seen another bird do this before so it is a non- “Learned” behaviour

Pre-birth encoding is stored on the DNA

If this wasn't pure reflex reactions, we theorize:

  • He was born with sets of memories of birds doing brilliant things (A Sensory Imagen Buffer!)
  • But a sensory record would be too expensive to be stored on DNA...
  • So a symbolic language (Mentalese) contains instructions that generates a Tertiary Imagen Buffer
  • Mentalese generates an agent taking the bucket out of the well in some sort of neurological buffer.
  • The bird can copy the agent using mirror cells to imagine himself as that agent 
  • That agent was imagined making and using tools

Could this bird have used "Learning By Example" From Prerecorded Scenarios?


Daily sensory memory is converted into this same form?

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