If you didn't come here from the Julian Jaynes page this may not make perfect sense to you yet. 

This "inner-grammatical voice centric" viewpoint is to facilitate the implementation of:

analogical planning (chunking): storing successful plans and adapting them to future problems

episode indexing and retrieval: mechanisms for indexing and retrieval of cases

serendipity detection and application: a mechanism for recognizing and exploiting accidental relationships among problems

action mutation: a strategy for generating new possibilities when the system is stuck

hierarchical planning: achieving a goal by breaking it down into subgoals

 The organism is most comfortable when the mind is speaking.   As the "world happens" around the entity various non-auditory processes  happen (thus, a short term goal of “the system” is is to simulate this mental ear.).   Some tokens such as “breath Purposely” or any other token  in which in some contexts has meaning to itself. the mind’s ear hears “I have taken a breath purposely”  

Is there a Language capable of representing such stories? 

Yes, but we had to build it for ourselves. This is another thing that makes LOGICMOO unique, we had to craft our own language to fit into an ontology. The "upper level" ontology diverts slightly from SUMO (and MILO). 

The robot separates its view of the world into these "base class"es:



 Artifacts  vs Physical Parts Of Objects 







 Linguistic Objects






 Scalar Intervals  



 Time Parameter  


  “I am standing here waiting for my friend”   ..  The organism has initially a built in "utility function" to help it towards making the mind's ear experience the most "comfortable possible phrases".   

  Which can later (if useful) be used to manage the:

 daydreaming goals: strategies for what to think about

emotional control of thought: triggering and direction of processing by emotions

to propose and create a guideline for further creating PDDL contents.

 A side note on LOGICMOO: I theorize that we're able to claim that we are self-aware only because we attribute the "self"/"Ego"  as having certain attributes ...  We began to have the Goal for those attributes to be in good favor of the Other Goals in which are built into our psyche.  


Current PDDL content  requisition:

 Given the typeclass  tSelfAsVoice,  write a domain that will help tSelfAsVoice remain active  even while no stimulus is taking place.    here are some sample goals:    

 goal Remain Active



 <daFonseca> in page 73,74 and 75 (German edition) you find what I have talked about: when the Hammer break the Net appears. You can take this "break" as a Nothingness destroying the Net. Or better, the lack in the net is the nothingness. Nothingness is not something, but the lack of something. (make from nothing something is a naive mistake in ontology).



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