Here's four things that can make up a great technology:

Trust, accessibility, intuitive design and environmental responsibility. 

These inform much of our design at LOGICMOO. As Humans we trust technology we can understand, and so there is a need for the complete transparency of natural language explanations based off logical reasoning.

Language is fundamental to the human experience and shapes the narratives we all share. Nothing is more intuitive and accessible than one human is to another. Natural Language Understanding is about providing the context for a back and forth conversation that makes sense. Our system will use a process of converting natural language into logical representations, making language conversion easy and seamless, accessible to everyone. 

 The final milestone is to be both economic and ecologically friendly. At the moment Neural Networks are so expensive to train that a single new model can cost millions or even billions to produce. It’s not an environmentally resourceful process, the consumed electricity and carbon footprint are most the budget. Our system will be usable from just a single computer or device, after less than an hour of download and setup (greater functionality enabled with an internet connection of course.) No huge energy consumption or special devices needed, no substantial resources consumed. We are seeking enough to fund 10 expert developers for about 3 years, between 3-6 million dollars. This is equivalent to the cost of training a handful of Neural Networks, a relatively inconsequential buy in to the future of technology.

Our AGI will have the ability to:​​​​​​

  • Explain fully its logic and understanding in readable English
  • Be interviewed by humans and interview humans to determine their goals
  • Acquire and complete those goals, and/or assist a human to complete those goals
  • Create rudimentary models of the world around it and learn from experiences


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 the nature of our business:

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MorphologyHuman-like Simulated Intelligence



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